Rank's are as Followed from low to high

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Rank's are as Followed from low to high

Post by Beau Bauer on Fri Jan 08, 2016 4:51 am

With each Rank, the member earns Nano points. You can trade in these Nano point's when you earn a certain amount of them for an Official Nano. The more Nano's you collect, the higher up the scale you move.
Everybody who joins starts off at this level. We just ask that you fill out your Profile information and Introduce yourself to everybody in the thread provided.
To reach this level we ask that Member's change their Profile Pic to the FF pic, wear the Group's colors (Black and Green) while in the game, and use the Group's Opening video at the beginning of their gameplay video's to help spread the news about this group.
You will be in charge of deciding which members go on what missions. You also earned the right to tell us Admin's who you think deserves more points, and who should have some points taken away.  
To reach this position, you must collect all 36 Nano's first. Once you have them all, you earned the right to make change's within the group with Admins permission, you can Rank up other Players, and you might even earn a Position as one of us Admins.
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