List of Rewards Players can earn.

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List of Rewards Players can earn.

Post by Beau Bauer on Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:55 pm

The Rewards are simple. Here is a list of how many Nano Point's you can receive for doing the following:
5 Nano Point - For making a Post or responding to a comment.
10 Nano Points - For using the Groups Opening video at the start of your gameplay videos. You must present a link to the video you made and share it with Staff to receive the Points earned. Once we see it, you will receive 10 Points for each one you make.
20 Nano Points - If you bring in a new Member to the Group and they are accepted. The new Member must say who referred them here for you to receive the Points.
50 Nano Points - If you catch somebody hacking or Spamming the game itself, and have reported it. Once it has been verified, you will receive your points.
Additional Points can be earned or taken away for your game playing skills.
The Points you earn go towards the Nano's you can acquire. The more Nano's you earn, the higher up in Rank you move. See the Nano Points thread for details.
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